Corporate Investigation

Corporate Investigation play a crucial role in handling company’s allegations, criminal frauds, electronic crimes, information leak and relevant cases effectively. We at Sigma-SSG are professionally trained to make effectual strategies in order to scrutinize any frauds intake in the company’s premises whether it is internal or happened outside the company premise.


Internal investigation includes

  • Checking abused expense accounts
  • Internal abuses such as defamation
  • Discreet Investigation – such as allegations of sexual harassment etc.
  • Drug intake within the company premises
  • Fraud
  • Theft
External investigation includes 
  • Checking the criminal activities
  • Fake billing from suppliers or vendors
  • Information leak to external vendor
We make use of effective strategy to obtain the exact evidences and ensure that all the data required by the client are completed with minimum time. Civil allegations and Criminal activities are taken utmost care by understanding the entire information and background details about the subject.

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